• The basic color of the machine is gray and red.
  • Color and material (stainless steel) can be customized according to customer’s needs.

轉盤/ 機架特性

  • 直徑58″,3/8″雷絲切割鋼板
  • 承載重量:4000 lbs
  • ANSI# 60 鏈條傳動附自動鬆緊功能
  • 電子啟動/停止
  • 1-12 RPM 多段變速
  • 1/2 HP, DC 控制傳動馬達
  • 低床
  • 歸位近接定位電眼
  • 免維修,免潤滑傳動系統
  • 封雙軸承(免潤滑),12飛輪傳動
  • 12點重型石碳酸線雙軸承支持系統
  • 建有堆高機用的凹槽,方便堆高機作業
  • 立柱裝有鉸鏈,可放倒,方便裝運


  • 10″ x 20″ 膠膜容量
  • 1/4 HP, DC 控制傳動馬達
  • 離合片控制膠膜托架
  • 可調式棧板高度電眼
  • 膠膜穩定滾輪
  • 石碳酸膠膜座導膜裝置
  • 齒輪雙預拉滾輪,可達到220%的預拉
  • 膠膜座上裝有安全停止開關
  • 如果斷膜,搖臂裝置自動重新裏包棧板角部位的膠膜
  • 生產速度:35-45板 /小時
  • 裝載物尺寸:53″ x53″ x 82″
  • 最大裝載重量:5,000lbs
  • 電力:110V, 60Hz, 20 Amps
  • 機械重量:型號 801-1980lbs.



  • On/Off 附電源指示燈
  • 歸位按鈕
  • 送膜速度可調整與轉盤速度做完美搭配以達到適度的裏膜鬆緊度
  • 膠膜座暫停開關
  • 轉盤轉速控制
  • 膠膜座速度控制
  • 手動膠膜座上升/下降開關
  • 轉盤寸動開關
  • 單層或雙層裏包開關
  • Omron PLC含連接埠
  • 如果斷膜,有一自動重新裏膠膜的特點
  • 馬達啟動裝置,附過載復歸和電力過載保護裝置
  • 上下裏包分開重複計數 801 (0-9)
  • 膠膜座停止開關 (上升和下降)

The dimension of machine


Stretch Wrapper – The BestPack SW-801 is a semi-automatic, low-profile pallet stretch wrapper and is our top of the line, high performance model. It is designed to cater to a variety of light-to-heavy duty pallet wrapping applications. The SW-801 pre-stretches film up to 300% to maximize film savings and to tightly secure pallet loads for excellent load stability (since stretched film naturally tightens after application).

The SW-801 stretch wrapper is designed with exclusive productivity features. When wrapping sharp pallet corners, the SW-801’s corner compensating dancing bar combats film tearing. The SW-801 also provides advanced tension, banding, and pattern controls that make it easy to intelligently wrap your loads. The SW-801 pallet wrapper is simple to operate thanks to the Easy Load film carriage and Film Force Release feature, which makes pulling film out to your pallet easy.

The SW stretch wrapper line is available with integrated scale, extended wrap height, and larger turntable options. All BestPack stretch wrappers feature a heavy-duty frame and offer forklift channels for easy portability.